The Sex Industry Decriminalisation Action Committee (SIDAC) are a group of sex workers, allies, unionist, human rights, community and health organisations, Members of Parliament, womens’ rights organisations and legal services representatives who meet regularly to build community and political support for decriminalisation of sex work in South Australia through lobbying, media and public campaigning. 

During 2019 we campaigned for the decriminalisation of sex work in South Australia. The Statues Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work Bill) introduced my Greens MP Tammy Franks MLC passed the Legislative Council with amendments on the 20th of June 2019 with 14 votes to 7 votes.

The bill was co-sponsored in the House of Assembly by Attorney-General Vickie Chapman and Labor MP Katrine Hildyard with strong support from Labor MPs Nat Cook, Joe Szakacs and Susan Close as well as independent Francis Bedford. During the speeches to the bill in the House of Assembly sex workers and allies had to endure much stigma, discrimination and misinformation from opposing MPs. When it came to the second reading vote a number of Liberal and Labor MPs, that had previously acknowledge a desperate need for sex work law reform, voted against further debate on the bill leaving the sex work community of South Australia under the most archaic laws in the country and without access to their human and workers right.

This was an extremely hurtful and disappointing defeat to a bill that would have seen sex workers able to access their right to healthcare, housing and justice. Weeks later the Northern Territory decriminalised sex work and Victoria announced an inquiry into decriminalisation. Nevertheless SIDAC will persist with the struggle to have sex workers rights recognised and for sex work to be recognised as real work.

On May 28th 2019 SIDAC hosted an information & education evening for the general public which was completely funded by the generousity of people who support decriminalisation. People who agree that it is time for change and improved working environments for SA sex workers!

Thank you to each and every person that donated and helped make this event happen. Whilst the event was a huge success it cannot standalone in the fight for the decriminalisation of sex work. We need to keep the momentum going and that takes a multi-pronged approach, a lot of commitment and a huge effort by all.

We are currently raising funds for our decriminalisation campaign. All proceeds go to SIDAC’s campaign fund for sex work law reform in South Australia.

Tammy Franks, Greens MLC introduced the Repeal of Sex Work Offences Bill at the start of 2020. SIDAC continue to support Tammy’s work to see sex work law reform in South Australia.

Labor Day 2020: