The Sex Industry Decriminalisation Action Committee (SIDAC) are a volunteer-based committee of sex workers, allies, unionists, representatives from human rights, community, women’s rights, legal, and health organisations, political groups and Members of Parliament who regularly meet to build community and political support for decriminalisation of sex work in South Australia through lobbying, media, and public campaigning. 

In South Australia there has been many attempts to reform what are now the most outdated sex work laws in Australia. In over 40 years of campaigning for decriminalisation there have been bills introduced by Australian Democrats, Labor, Liberals, and the Greens from 1980 to the latest bill in 2020.

In 2019 SIDAC campaigned for the decriminalisation of sex work in South Australia with the Statute Amendment (Decriminalisation of Sex Work) Bill 2018 introduced by Tammy Franks MLC and passed by the Legislative Council on the June 20th 2019 with 14 votes to 7 votes.

The bill was then co-sponsored in the House of Assembly by Liberal Attorney-General Vickie Chapman and Labor MP Katrine Hildyard with strong support across all parties. During speeches to the bill in the House many MPs recognised the “desperate need for law reform” yet when it came to the second reading vote a number of MPs that previously acknowledged the need for reform voted against having an opportunity to debate & amend the bill. This left sex workers of South Australia under the most outdated laws in the country without access to human and workers right.

The 2019 bill & vote was difficult for sex workers and allies as internationally-supported evidence as well as the lived experience of SA sex workers was ignored by Parliament despite recognition of how important decriminalisation is for the rights, health, & safety of sex workers.

SIDAC has information and a range of resources on South Australia’s sex work history, on criminalisation, legalisation, & decriminalisation, on the impacts of SA’s outdated laws on public health, worker’s rights and discrimination. As there is a lot of misinformation, stigma and discriminatory falsehood about sex work and sex workers, we encourage you to learn about the reality of sex work in South Australia & will happily answer any of your questions!