How Member of Parliament Voted on the 2019 Decrim Bill

The bill to decriminalise sex work in South Australia was introduced to the Legislative Council (Upper House) by Tammy Franks in 2018. The bill passed the Legislative Council with amendments on the 20th June 2019, 13 votes to 6 votes. Below is a list of how each member of the Legislative Council voted:

Legislative Council:


Hon Connie Bonaros – SA Best

Hon John Darley – Independent

Hon John Dawkins – Liberal

Hon Tammy Franks – Greens

Hon Justin Hood – ALP

Hon Ian Hunter – ALP

Hon Michelle Lensink – Liberal

Hon Kyam Maher – ALP

Hon Frank Pangallo – SA Best

Hon Mark Parnell – Greens

Hon Irene Pnevmatikos – ALP

Hon David Ridway – ALP

Hon Russell Wortley – ALP


Hon Emily Bourke – ALP

Hon Dennis Hood – Liberal

Hon Jing Lee – Liberal

Hon Rob Lucas – Liberal

Hon Tung Ngo – ALP

Hon Clare Scriven – ALP



Hon Terry Stephens – Liberal

Hon Stephen Wade – Liberal

After successfully passing the Legislative Council the bill moved to the House of Assembly (Lower House) where it was co-sponsored by Attorney-General Vickie Chapman and Labor MP Katrine Hildyard. The bill failed to pass the second reading vote on the 13th of November 2019. Meaning that members declined the oppurtunity to debate the bill and the oppurtunity to introduce amendments. Below is how the members voted at the second reading:
*Bold names are members that refused meetings with SIDAC, SIN (Sex Industry Network) and sex worker or supportive constituents*

House of Assembly

Find your electorate and local member:


Hon Rachel Sanderson – Liberal

Electorate: Adelaide


Hon Vickie Chapman – Liberal

Electorate: Bragg


Hon Tim Whetstone – ALP

Electorate: Chaffey


Mr Joe Szakacs – ALP

Electorate: Cheltenham


Hon Steven Marshall – Liberal

Electorate: Dunstan


Mr David Basham – Liberal

Electorate: Finniss


Ms Frances Bedford – Indep

Electorate: Florey


Mr Eddie Hughes – ALP

Electorate: Giles


Mr Josh Teague – Liberal

Electorate: Heysen

Ms Nat Cook – ALP

Electorate: Hurtle Vale


Hon Leon Bignell – ALP

Electorate: Mawson


Hon John Gardner – Liberal

Electorate: Morialta


Mr Troy Bell -Independent

Electorate: Mt Gambier


Dr Susan Close – ALP

Electorate: Pt Adelaide


Ms Katrine Hildyard – ALP

Electorate: Reynell


Mr Jon Gee – ALP

Electorate: Taylor


Ms Dana Wortley – ALP

Electorate: Torrens


Hon David Pisoni – Liberal

Electorate: Unley


Hon Zoe Bettison- ALP

Electorate: Ramsay


Mr Michael Brown – ALP

Electorate: Playford


Mr Matt Cowdrey – Liberal

Electorate: Colton


Mr Dan Cregan – Liberal

Electorate: Kavel


Mr Sam Duluk – Liberal

Electorate: Waite


Mr Fraser Ellis – Liberal

Electorate: Narungga


Dr Richard Harvey – Liberal

Electorate: Newland


Hon Stephan Knoll – Liberal

Electorate: Schubert


Hon Tom Kousantonis – ALP

Electorate: West Torrens


Ms Paula Luethen – Liberal

Electorate: King


Mr Peter Malinauskas – ALP

Electorate: Croydon


Ms Andrea Michaels – ALP

Electorate: Enfield


Mr Stephen Mullighan – ALP

Electorate: Lee

Mr Lee Odenwalder- ALP

Electorate: Elizabeth

Mr Steve Murray- Liberal

Electorate: Davenport

Mr Adrian Pederick – Liberal

Electorate: Hammond

Hon Tony Piccolo- ALP

Electorate: Light

Mr Chris Picton – ALP

Electorate: Kaurna

Mrs Carolyn Power – Liberal

Electorate: Elder

Hon David Speirs – Liberal

Electorate: Black

Mr Peter Treloar – Liberal

Electorate: Flinders

Hon Dan Van Holst P – Liberal

Electorate: Stuart

Hon Corey Wingard – Liberal

Electorate: Gibson


Ms Jayne Stinson – ALP

Electorate: Badcoe

Mr Nick McBride – Liberal

Electorate: Mackillop

(Absent) Mr Geoff Brock – Indep

Electorate: Frome