Stand with sex workers on International Sex Workers Day

June 2nd is International Sex Workers Day and this year it is more important than ever to stand with sex workers in SA.

Last year, a bill to decriminalise sex work and recognise sex workers’ right was defeated in Parliament’s House of Assembly without even a debate.  This was tremendously disappointing for sex workers of SA who still cannot access their basic human rights.

Now, in 2020, sex workers have been one of the hardest hit communities by the COVID pandemic. Sex workers of SA are unable to work and unable to access any government supports due to the criminalising of their work. 

Sex work is work and sex workers need rights! We are asking you to stand with sex workers in their struggle for rights by following these three easy steps.

3 steps to Stand With Sex Workers:

1. Click here to send your local member an email urging them to support decriminalisation of sex work via Do Gooder

2. Donate or shop to help raise campaign funds

3. Join the activists lists so you can support the campaign

BONUS: Share posts, learn more about decrim and tell your friends that you stand with sex workers for decrim in SA

Want to get more involved in the campaign?

We want you – to stand with sex workers in the campaign to decriminalise sex work in South Australia! 

Sex workers in SA are working under the most archaic laws in the country & face arrest for doing their jobs everyday. Amnesty International, WHO and committees of The United Nations support the decriminalisation of sex work to ensure sex workers have access to their human and worker rights. 

If you would like to be more involved in the campaign, let us know in the form and we will be in contact! 

We rely on your everybody’s help for furthering the cause! Just a small donation can help SIDAC in the campaign to decriminalise sex work in South Australia. Your donation is vital to continue the purchasing & distributing resources, holding events and to support sex workers in SA whenever possible. Thank you for standing with sex workers in South Australia.

Please donate today.